Why should we choose Magnetic Closure Boxes?

Economical and practical:  This kind of jewelry box with a magnet looks beautiful. Compared with the flannel gift box, the magnetic jewelry box is very economical, and most consumers can afford it. Compared with the drawer box, the magnetic jewelry box looks more luxurious. If your jewelry is high-end, but you don't want to pay so much for the package as a velvet box, you can choose the magnetic gift boxes.

Eco-friendly: The materials of the jewelry or gift box are all made of paper, which is light in weight and reduces pollution to the environment.

Good quality: If we use the common box for packaging the luxury gift, it may be easy to open or break. With the magnet, it's also a protection for the product we package.

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As we are an experienced magnetic closure boxes manufacturer, our purpose is to provide high-quality and low-cost packaging for all the people who trust us, also provide the best customer service.

Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes FAQs

How to custom boxes?

First, get a quotation
Second, confirm the design of the box
Last, production

How to get a quotation?

Please send us the size, quantity, design of the box, and shipping nation; then, we will give the price ASAP.

What is the lead time?

Usually, it will take about 10-15 working days to produce, about 12-15 working days to deliver by express, and 45-60 working days by railway or sea.

What is MOQ?

For custom order, MOQ is 500pcs

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