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Golden stamping & Silver stamping

Golden stamping & Silver stamping

Hot stamping is a unique printing process that doesn’t involve ink. In hot stamping, metal foil or silver foil is pressed onto the surface of the substrate using a specific temperature and pressure. This technique creates a captivating effect resembling the texture and lustre of gold and silver.

Here’s how the process differs: Golden stamping requires a higher operating temperature compared to silver stamping. Additionally, due to the unique properties of metal foils, golden stamping necessitates the use of special adhesives, whereas silver stamping does not require them.

Now, let’s explore the distinctions in the resulting effects: Golden stamping produces a vibrant and upscale appearance, making it ideal for packaging that seeks to emphasize the brand image and exude a high-end texture. On the other hand, silver stamping achieves a more understated and elegant effect, making it well-suited for artistic and classical packaging designs.

There is a gold stamping logo on the surface of the material
There is a silver stamping logo on the surface of the material