What is a display box?

A display box is a packaging box; that is, the products in the packaging box can be seen intuitively through the packaging.
The display box intuitively displays the goods, meets the requirements of consumers in terms of vision, touch, smell, taste, etc., increases the user experience, improves the advertising effect, and can attract the attention of consumers.

display boxes

The role of the display box

Beautifully printed paper display boxes are widely used in food, digital products, medicine, books, audio-visual, cosmetics, and other industries.

Enterprises show the difference in their products by using display boxes and printing their unique logos and advertising information.

The paper display box is a very high value-added product. It has a good effect on launching new products, festival promotions, and daily advertising promotions.

A wide variety of display boxes

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As we are an experienced display boxes manufacturer, our purpose is to provide high-quality and low-cost packaging for all the people who trust us, also provide the best customer service.

Custom Display Boxes FAQs

What kind of material of display box?

Usually are cardboard and corrugated paper; if you have other requirements, please contact us.

What kind of design can you do?

We accept custom all kinds of designs which you need.

What is the MOQ?


What is the lead time?

The production time is about 10-15 working days, and the shipping time is according to the shipping way.

How to order?

Please contact us, send the quantity, design, and size, then we can give you the price; after you accept, we will confirm the details with you and mass production.

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