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Matte lamination & Glossy lamination

Matte lamination & Glossy lamination

The lamination process involves the application of a special plastic film that is bonded to the printed material through a combination of heat and pressure. This process requires a specific type of plastic film, which is coated with a shiny adhesive layer. Lamination’s primary function is to protect the printed surface, preventing fading while enhancing moisture and light resistance.

There are two types of lamination: Glossy lamination and Matte lamination, each with distinct process treatments. Glossy lamination results in a smooth print finish, enhancing surface gloss and bringing out vibrant and three-dimensional colors. On the other hand, Matte lamination provides a less glossy appearance, giving the print a subtle layer of fog and a softer visual effect. The Matte lamination process involves the use of a matte scrub, which contributes to the fog-like texture. Additionally, Matte lamination can elevate the overall quality and value of product packaging. However, it is important to note that the cost of Matte lamination is typically higher compared to Glossy lamination.

There is a matt lamination on the surface of the material
There is a glossy lamination on the surface of the material