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Spot UV

Spot UV (ultraviolet) is a specialized printing technique that utilizes ultraviolet radiation to cure the ink, resulting in faster drying time, superior colour effects, and enhanced printing precision compared to traditional printing methods. Ultraviolet printing represents a cutting-edge printing technology that employs ultraviolet light to photopolymerize ink, enabling the printing of intricate patterns and text. This technology boasts exceptional printing quality and speed, while significantly enhancing the visual impact of printed materials. It imparts a rich and stunning appearance, improves the overall aesthetics and legibility of printed matter, and offers additional advantages such as waterproofing, resistance to light, and anti-scratch properties. UV printing finds versatile applications across various materials, including paper, plastic, and metal. Within the realm of modern printing, ultraviolet printing has gained immense popularity as a preferred printing method.

There is a spot UV process logo on the surface of the material
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