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Specialty Paper

Specialty paper is one of the surface paper for making boxes and paper bags. It is characterized by fine fibers, soft touch, light texture, and rich colors, which provide a premium feel. And at the same time, it owns such water-resistant, not easy to fade, moisture-proof advantages, which offer good protection. In addition, specialty paper can also be used in combination with other materials, such as embossed leather, matte paper, and special inks, to achieve more unique visual effects.

There are lots of types of specialty paper, so you better choose it depending on the product’s need. For example, if the product is high-end wine, then you can choose the type that has metallic quality, which makes the wine more premium. And if it is used to make the jewelry box, then the pearlescent texture type is a good choice, which provides a more shiny feeling for your jewelry. In all words, specialty paper not only increases the quality of the packaging but also makes the products more valuable and meaningful.

specialty paper
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