A Ture Story for Subscription Boxes

a true story

A Pink Mailer Box

Because of all the customers, our store can gradually grow up.

Today, I want to share one person of them and her story with you guys, which is about a brand, a good friend, an ordinary customer, a pink mailer box, and some details of the box's design.

I hope it can help you guys know more about my store and help you understand how to design a suitable and unique mailer box for your own.

pink mailer box

Over the years in the store, we have made customized mailer boxes for many customers.

We've worked with many brands; they all run different businesses.

A one-of-a-kind custom mailer box shows the unique design inspiration of a founder of the brand displays characteristics of a brand, and represents a story of this brand.

Not only that, but we are also growing in one design after another and progressing with these brands.

The client

Among the custom airplane boxes, I have made, the one that impressed me the most is this pink mailer box, the first custom order I have received since I was in the packaging box industry.

The owner of this plane box is in the clothing industry, mainly dealing in clothes for girls aged 15-25. She wanted to find a box to decorate her brand of clothes.

When she found me, she told me her needs. I made a design drawing for her according to her idea. When receiving the design drawing, the customer was delighted and wanted to place the order.

But when it was time to pay, the customer hesitated. She was worried that our store had just started, and the quality of the box could not be guaranteed.

But in the end, she decided to choose our box to have a try. After receiving the goods, she was amazed by the quality and printing of the box. She wanted to have long-term cooperation with us!

pink mailer box

The unique design

About the design of this box, from the outlook of the box. It is pink in color outside and inside, with one color logo printing outside and inside.

So the central theme of the box shows the pretty and youth.

The reason is that this customer's product is aimed at girls aged 15-25.

Through the observation of their stores, I found that the styles of clothes they sell tend to be youthful and girly. Choosing light pink can cater to girls' preferences.

Also, from the outside, we can see some white pattern that makes the box looks more unique, beautiful, and memorable.

About the printing, the customer chooses one color printing, and the printing technology she chooses is a hot gold foil which makes the box looks high-end atmosphere, high-grade, low-key luxury with connotation.

After knowing something about their brands, I understand why she does it.

Because the cloth they sell is mainly tiny skirts with some patterns, a more cumbersome design is adopted in the mailer box, which may enhance the visual impact of the cloth.

The visual effect of the cloth will not be fine. And on the other hand. The simple and elegant packaging box design can reflect the simple atmosphere of the brand.

pink maier box

The feedback

In the end, I want to share the feedback I received from this customer when she purchased the boxes first.

I think it is precious; I have the confidence to go further and further.

And it also gives me the confidence to do every box well.

'When I place the order, I spare some time to think it is a new store, can they do it well?

This is a big order; my business is waiting for these goods. If there have something wrong, what should I do?

The price of the box is reasonable. And according to the conversation with the seller, I can feel their professionalism and thoughtfulness; they can understand what I need and give me some professional suggestions; I think I can have a try.

After I received the goods, oh dear, I think I can always believe them!'

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