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3 Inspiring Design Ideas for Mailer Boxes

one kraft mailer box and two roll tapes and a bag on the desk

If I say the mailer box to you, maybe someone would think that it is nothing special compared to the other boxes, and it is only a simple box just for the package. But in my mind, It has great significance and function.

What is a mailer box?

When I first met this box, I had some questions about this ‘simple box’: why is it called ‘mailer box’? I took the box, watched it repeatedly, and put it on; I got the answer! It is so interesting; I noticed that it looked like an airplane when it unfolded.

But, what is it usually used in our life? We can often meet it in the e-commerce industry. It is mainly suitable for the packaging of small products, such as clothes, accessories, books, etc., which brings great convenience to the packaging and transportation.

We can find that most of the mailer boxes are very good-looking; they all have their unique designs, the patterns of their products, and brand-specific logos. In addition to the outstanding features in appearance, you can make your image on the box and do what you want.

 In terms of the quality of the box, the mailer box is made of three-layer corrugated cardboard, which is light in weight and has good structural performance. From those, we can know that A well-designed packaging box can significantly improve the customer’s experience, thereby enhancing the customer’s desire to buy, and improving the grade and taste of the product, adding some hidden value to the product.

The types and designs of the mailer box.

The kraft color of the mailer box is made of kraft paper, mainly made of high-quality pine wood material, which is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The inside and outside of the box are kraft color, and the appearance is elegant and straightforward. The knowledge and outside the box can also be printed with your brand logo. To a certain extent, while improving the personality and value of the brand, it also facilitates the transportation and preservation of the product.

  • White or one-color mailer box:

  The style of this box is a blank white canvas or one-color outside with one color inside. We use this design for some simple style lovers or give the customer space to make a design for it. You can see it as blank paper, imaging what the box should be worthy of your product and showcasing your brand. Just imagine what you want, and we can help you make it accurate!

  • Custom printed color box:

  When you need a unique color for the box or a colorful logo to print on the box, we can also satisfy you! We can do all the colors in PANTONE color, and we can print the symbol you want to do on the box. You need only to do one thing: tell your demands! Printing these unique colors and designs can provide great aesthetic appeal and let customers know about the brand, product, and purpose. So you haven’t acted yet?

Why not have a try!

 If you want a box that is easy to transport and assemble, you want to design a box that is your brand to enhance the features and quality of your product; why not come to us? Our boxes bring you convenience, our quality gives you peace of mind. We can guarantee: our product quality makes you rest assured, our service process makes you comfortable! Customize the mailer box with your logo now!

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