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Margaux Lee

Packfancy, one experienced jewelry packaging manufacturer, seamlessly brought Margaux Lee’s vision to life by customizing high-quality jewelry packaging in small batches, aligning perfectly with the founder’s commitment to timeless, sustainable design.

Custom Rigid Drawer Jewelry Box with Thumb Notch + Custom Flat Envelope Jewelry Pouch + Custom Jewelry Card

Margaux Lee emerged from a practical necessity. As a fashion stylist, the founder encountered challenges in sourcing accessories that possessed timeless elegance, were lightweight and durable, and met hypoallergenic standards.

The demands of frequent photo shoots, involving numerous beauty products, often resulted in jewelry tarnishing and models experiencing skin sensitivities to various metals.

In response, the innovative solution was born: utilizing stainless steel as a base metal, combined with 18ct gold fill. This ensured not only a beautiful and enduring aesthetic with no risk of plating wearing off but also a gentle touch on the skin and a lightweight design that avoided elongating piercing holes. The response to this approach was overwhelmingly positive, marking it as a success.

” In my exploration of packaging options, I discovered PackFancy, a manufacturer whose philosophy aligns seamlessly with mine. Their ability to customize packaging in small batches proved instrumental in transforming my design concepts into tangible products.

What truly set them apart, however, was the exceptional quality consistently delivered. My satisfaction from the initial order has only grown over time, establishing a lasting and positive working relationship.

Beyond the realm of business, my personal commitment to sustainable living is evident in every aspect of Margaux Lee’s operations. Each production cycle is tailored to the smallest Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) feasible for the specific style, taking into account its intricate details.

The ML packaging is intentionally crafted for long-term use, and every order is shipped using compostable mailers and boxes. In a world that often seems chaotic, I firmly believe in the possibility of producing high-quality products without causing harm to our planet.”

About the box

Category:Custom Jewelry Packaging
Packaging style:Custom Paper Jewelry Box with Pouch
Box Material1200gsm cardboard+157gsm coated paper
Pouch MaterialVelvet Fabric
Dimensions9x9x3cm Box; 8x8cm Pouch
Logo ProcessGlossy Gold Foil Logo

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