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NIKA is a jewelry brand in Chile, We sell all kinds of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. I am proud to unveil the jewelry and combine my love of classic jewelry and elegant modern craftsmanship. When I walk in nature and see flowers, birds, and butterflies, which were inspired me to design this special jewelry. And my jewelry idea is we give you a piece that should inspire you to stand out.

Custom Ribbon Jewelry Box Manufacturers

Packfancy produces a natural, special, unique design package for my brand. I ordered different colors boxes because I want to see a different possibility. And they do well, I choose red, navy blue, and green as my package color. And everything comes well. My customer also likes this package, which I think is most important. My logo has a thin line and pattern, but Packfancy does it perfectly. I can see the silver logo matched with my silver rings or earrings.

“Good quality, Good service, Good Design” is Packfancy is the best part of what the factory does. They have their own factory so they are the source manufacturers. I am happy that they tell me all the details when they produce. They recommend the material, and logo size and show me the color. Before producing, they show me the example and make the draw for me for free. But my logo is blurred, their designer makes the logo beautiful and clear. I am very satisfied with the service. I really hope we can have a long-term cooperation. They make the package fit my brand ideas and help me a lot when I just start my business. So you don’t worry because no matter whether you are a big jewelry brand or a handmade small business, they have the best service. Before I ordered they are so patient and polite, and they give me all the answers which I confused. I really appreciate it because they also help with me the customs problem, I paid less when importing. Thanks again!

About the box

Category:Custom Jewelry Packaging
Box Style:Ribbon Jewelry Box
Material: 1200gsm paperboard
Dimensions:7x9x3cm, LxWxH cm
Logo Process:Hot stamping gold foil

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