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LULEA Jewelry is trying to sell unusual jewelry but light and pure. Instead of complicated jewelry design, they prefer simple and pure jewelry design. With  the help of custom printed packaging, LULEA was able to get lid and try rigid boxes for their pure design jewelrys.

Lid and Tray Jewelry Box for Pure Design Jewelry

LULEA jewelry is used pure white or bright gold as the primary color with elegant impression.

Regarding their box design, it also keeps a simple and pure design concept. They chose three typical colors for the packaging box, black, gold, white.

White lift-off lid boxes are customized with black and gold logo.
By insisting pure white sponge foam inside, it keeps the packaging clean and pure.

LULEA’s Review

“Boxes are good qualities. Even better than I expected.
Absolutely PackFancy is the BEST supplier that beats others on speed, quality and price.
We will order more packaging from them and remomend to our friends.

(Qatar, LULEA Jewelry)

About the box

Category:Custom Jewelry Box
Type:Paper Jewelry Box with Lids
Material:1200gsm Duplex Chipboard
Foam inside:1.5cm white velevt sponge foam

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