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Olive Oil Jones

Olive Oil Jones imports huge barrels of living, breathing, geographically specific olive oils that are fresh, exuberant, and billowing with fragrance and flavor. None of our olive oil is put into a bottle until a customer orders it.
Our customers want pristine oils from early harvests that not only smell and taste sublime but also deliver all the health benefits the scientific and medical societies have been touting for ages.

Handmade Crafts 

Our olive oils are unlike those of countless brands sold in retail stores and other websites.
From the beginning to now, Olive Oil Jones received the best comment from everyone who bought the olive oil, healthy and organic.

Packfancy makes a special shipping box for Olive Oil Jones; the material is rigid E-flute corrugated paper, original kraft color with colorful pattern printing, showing the products are made from original oil, healthy and real. Also, please make a special corrugated insert for the olive oil. As the bottle is glass then, it needs a thick insert to protect the glass bottle well. It uses several layers of paper inside with cuts; the olive oil, when shipping, will not damage.

Olive Oil Jones’s Reveiw

“This is really the most beautiful packaging I have made for my brand, our brand majors in selling live oil and we have an online shop, then we need to find a good package to ship them. in order to make the packaging for the brand which suitable my heart, it causes so much time. Fortunately, I finally found them and made the package very well; my mind about the shipping box needs to be simple and natural but can attract customers. The important is the shipping box needs to protect my olive oil well to avoid it during shipping may break, so they decide on a special insert for the olive oil bottle, they are really, really nice. Thank you so much! ”

About the box

Category:Mailer box
Box style:Custom Standard Mailer Box
Material: Three-layer E flute
Dimensions:28x12x6cm, LxWxH cm
Logo Process:Printing

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