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BAUBLES BY BETS is a jewelry brand created by Betsy, a Canadian girl who loves many things, most notably making crafts. Her passion for crafts and jewelry started when she was younger. It began with camp gimp bracelets, then macrame and friendship bracelets. she couldn’t get enough of making bracelets. Making them for herself was fun but giving them to her friends was even more fun! Her latest obsession is wire jewelry. She thought, “if my friends enjoy this, others will too!” That is when she decided to open up shop! Baubles By Bets was created in 2015. It features everything dainty, cute, and handmade for someone special.

Custom Jewelry Box with Logo for Business

Packfancy first met BAUBLES BY BETS on 2nd April 2021; Betsy contacted us with an inquiry about jewelry packaging. Since it was the first time Betsy made jewelry boxes for her beautiful jewels, she had no mind about the design of the boxes; we talked with Betsy about her image of box and jewelry design. Finally decided on the box, which is a medium-size and pink color with a pink gold logo; of course, at first, we made a sample for Betsy to see the quality and design of the box, but she liked the box so much and decided to take 1000pcs one time. From then to now, Betsy has ordered four times boxes from us. Each time she is so satisfied with them.


“Custom suitable and high quality but lower-cost jewelry boxes for our brand jewelry is not easy; I feel so lucky that first time make jewelry boxes for my brand met Packfancy. Actually, I didn’t have many minds about the jewelry gift boxes; I talked with Jennifer and her team, who gave me many suggestions about the boxes; last, I chose a pink color box and a pink gold logo for my box, which looks shiny like my jewelry. I have cooperated with Packfancy several times, and each time they do very well and help me get the best packaging to pack my jewelry; I strongly suggest working with them; the team is so amazing!

About the box

Category:Custom Jewelry Box
Type:Rigid Drawer Jewelry Box
Material: 1000gsm Duplex Chipboard
Logo Process:Hot stamping rose gold foil

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