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Coveted Jewellery

“Not only is it a privilege to wear jewelry. It is also a privilege to make. The stories behind each unique impression make us love what we do as each piece perfectly reflects the wearer’s style, and I just love the fact that the wearer plays a part in creating their timeless piece.”

Custom Kraft Covered Setup Mailing Boxes

Wellington-based artisan jeweler Gemma Miller launched Coveted Jewellery in 2021, and the brand is set to reinvent the way you can connect with your jewelry. Gemma felt inspired to find a way to include the wearer more in the making of their own jewelry as she recognized the added value that it provided the wearer.

Packfancy uses the kraft-covered setup mailing boxes for my jewelry and other shape product. My philosophy is that every customer’s product has their hard work behind it, so I incorporate everyone’s creative concept and pursue natural and creative choices in packaging. The box of this material looks very retro, and it feels like you can add your ideas. I like this packaging very much, both the appearance and the concept, which are consistent with our brand. I will stick to this unique look and hope to attract more clients to design their jewelry.

Their spirit also touched me; regarding the first time using this kind of eco-friendly packaging that I can design myself, I don’t know if my jewelry will fit in the box perfectly. But when I asked Packfancy, they were very helpful and even went to buy something similar in size to my product, just to make sure the box size fit my product perfectly. I am very grateful and have decided to cooperate for a long time. I highly recommend this company if you want exclusive packaging for your brand. I am amazed by their spirit of service, and the price is very worth it.

About the box

Box StyleCustom Rigid box
Material 1200gsm kraft paperboard
Dimensions11x6x4cm, LxWxH cm
Logo ProcessCMYK Printing

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