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With the opening of the domestic economy, not only first-tier cities but also many second-tier and third-tier cities have appeared more and more western-style fast-food restaurants, and pizza is well-deserved to be called the king of western-style fast food. Whether enjoying the delicious pizza in the store or doing takeout, the pizza box is an indispensable packaging for pizza, and the future is bright!


What is a pizza package box?

pizza package boxpizza package box

As a fast food, pizza inevitably needs to be packaged in a box, which makes the food look more beautiful and ensures the hygiene of the food when it is carried. So the pizza package boxes show up. There are many types of pizza boxes, both material, and style.


The material of the pizza package box.

According to the different material, we can sort out the pizza package box as follow:

  • White cardboard pizza box: mainly 250G white cardboard and 350G white cardboard;
  • Corrugated pizza box: micro-corrugated (from high to short according to the creased height) are E-corrugated, F-corrugated, G-corrugated, N-corrugated, and O-corrugated, E corrugated is a micro-corrugated;
  • PP plastic pizza box: the primary material is PP plastic.


How to choose the material of the box?

The most commonly used pizza box on the market is the 250G white cardboard box. This pizza box can be used in general western-style restaurants. If it is a takeaway, it will be relatively weak. The thickened 350G white cardboard pizza box is used primarily for takeout. The stiffness of this pizza box is much better than that of 250G white cardboard, which can fully meet the use of Western-style fast-food restaurants for takeout. Corrugated pizza boxes are the most rigid pizza boxes. The most commonly used ones on the market are 3-layer corrugated paper. This pizza box can also be used as takeout packaging, which is not easy to soften.


The style of pizza package box.

According to the size of pizza often appearing in the market, the size of the pizza box can only be divided into the following categories:

  • 6"/7" Pizza Box: 20*20*4.0cm
  • 8"/9" Pizza Box: 24*24*4.5cm
  • 10-inch corrugated pizza box: 28cm*28*4.5cm
  • 12-inch corrugated pizza box: 32.0*32.0*4.5cm

When choosing a pizza box, you must choose it according to your own needs.


The design of the pizza package box.


pizza package boxpizza package box

Pizza boxes can make food more portable and can also improve branding. A good packaging design can stimulate customers' desire to buy, thereby stimulating the demand for products and driving the development of product brands. Therefore, it is essential to design a packaging box that only belongs to your brand. How should we create pizza boxes?

pizza package boxpizza package box

Our boxes can be exclusively customized, and you can design a unique and unique pizza box at will. Regarding the design of the pizza box, we have the following suggestions: You can choose a representative pattern for printing, such as printing the brand's logo to highlight your brand, printing the actual pizza pattern to highlight the pizza, and using warm colors printing, enhancing consumer appetite, etc.


Believe the quality of our boxes, do a design for your pizza!


Each box has its unique design, carries its different mission, and represents a different story. Do you want to tell us your story? Do you want your customers to experience the difference and the uniqueness of your brand? Then join us! Our job is to provide you with the highest quality, most comfortable, and worry-free service and help you put your own stories and ideas into the box. Your job: tell us your needs and trust us!

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