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Using perfume is an important part of people’s daily lives now, then there will appear more and more manufacturers will appear to produce the perfume. Facing many perfume manufacturers, how people choose the, except the feeling of the perfume, another thing is the packaging of perfume, usually do boxes for perfume.

What is a perfume packaging box?

Perfume packaging boxes are one kind of box that used to be pack perfume. Usually, we do magnetic rigid boxes, lift lid boxes, drawer boxes, even corrugated mailer boxes.

The purpose of the packaging box is to protect the perfume when shipping and make the perfume look more luxurious, and attract more customers. When we purchase one kind of product, we will see the quality, cost, design, and packaging.

Having good packaging is important.


boxes for perfumeboxes for perfumeboxes for perfumeboxes for perfume


What is the difference between those boxes of perfume?


  • The style of these boxes are different, the magnetic rigid box is a flip-up cover, with magnetic closure, lift lid box is the simplest style we usually do, with top lid and bottom base, easy to open, drawer box is pulled out kind, there is a short ribbon on the inner drawer when you open only need pull it out, corrugated mailer box is fold style, according to the step, folded as a mailer shape.
  • The materials of them are different, magnetic rigid box, drawer box, lift lid box are all made of cardboard, for magnetic rigid box, usually do 1200g/1400g cardboard, for lift lid and drawer box, 1000g/1200g cardboard. About the mailer box, the material is three layer E-corrugated paper.
  • Their costs are different; the cost depends on boxes size, color, material, and quantity. The magnetic rigid box will be the highest cost box for the same size and design because the style is not easy to make, the mailer box is the cheapest, fold style can reduce shipping cost. The drawer and lift lid box are similar costs.

How to choose the perfume packaging boxes

  • According to your hobby, some people like magnetic rigid box, like them looks luxury, some people like lift lid box, like them, looks simple but not lose value, someone like a drawer, like the feeling of pull out the inner drawer, also people like corrugated mailer box, not only can be used to pack perfume, also can as shipping box.
  • According to the cost, if you are a new seller when you start a business that may not have enough budget, you can consider taking corrugated mailer box, mailer box print color outside and inside with paper card insert, it is suitable for the light perfume. If you have enough budget, you can choose magnetic rigid boxes with foam or EVA to insert inside look luxurious and protect the perfume.
  • According to your customer, if your customer prefers simple packaging, choose lift lid box, printing simple color and logo, with the special insert inside of the box, hold the perfume, if you customer like luxury packaging, choose magnetic rigid box, outside can be printed one kind of color, and inside can do another color with a logo inside and outside, the insert can stick satin cloth on it, which looks more luxury.


Choosing suitable packaging for your products is important for your business. Above all, you will have a mind about packaging, packaging material, style, design. And also how to choose, considering three parts, cost, hobby and market, when you know about these, will easy to choose the suitable packaging for your business.

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