3 inspiration design ideas of Jewelry Cards

jewelry cards

As a jewelry seller, good jewelry cards will help you improve brand influence and let more people know about the jewelry you store.

For jewelry, jewelry cards are good for jewelry transportation and placing.

During transportation, jewelry can be in order because of the use of jewelry cards.

When the jewels are placed in the exhibition, with jewelry cards, jewels look more beautiful and valuable.

What are Jewelry cards?

Jewelry cards are the type of cardboard adapted to jewelry. Jewelry cards can be designed into appropriate shapes for earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, etc. The jewelry cards are generally made of paper Kraft paper, PVC. Using jewelry cards can make the jewelry look prettier and more atmospheric when displaying jewelry.

The color of the jewelry card can be changed according to the preferences of customers and markets. In general, black and white is the most frequently used color.

Jewelry cards design

The design of the right jewelry cards will make jewelry look more beautiful and noble. Therefore, the combination of jewelry and jewelry cards is easier to grasp the customer’s eyes improve customers’ desire.

It can be freely designed into various shapes, such as circular, square and rectangular.

As long as you have the shape design and it is reasonable, we can make it.

The most shape of the external form is square and rectangular.

These two shapes look beautiful, the highest acceptance of the market.

The specific jewelry products determine the internal slots. The slots required for each piece of jewelry are different. For example, the earrings need two holes, symmetrical fixing earrings, but the necklaces need two different slots to fix. At the same time, the bracelet can only needs a slot.

Printing of the Jewelry cards

As the jewelry seller, you can customize your logo, but this premise is original, not invading the trademark of others. Your printing design can be related to your own experience or your store. Of Course, you can use the jewelry as a source of inspiration.

The use of jewelry cards can make jewelry more convenient; it looks more beautiful and valuable.

Successful jewelry is inseparable from jewelry cards.

If you are a jewelry seller, the jewelry cards are helpful for your business.

If you want your jewelry business better and better,

Don’t hesitate to contact us; we are always available.

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