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What is flute of corrugated packaging?

Flute, also called corrugation, is the middle part of corrugated paper, usually used as packaging.

The flute looks wave line by sticking them between two pieces of paper; the purpose of the flute is to make paper durable and robust.

Then the packaging is made of corrugated paper, which will not easily be damaged.

The style of corrugated board

corrugated board

Flute style differs from the thickness of corrugation, single wall, double wall, and triple wall corrugated paper.

  • Single wall corrugated paper usually does mailer boxes, which is a common shipping box most people like use. The mailer box can hold less than 10kg of products. For most products, the thickness is enough.
  • Double-wall corrugated paper usually does corrugated boxes. It can pack large goods; the double-wall thickness is enough to hold less than 100kg goods. Because it is durable and hard, people who major in producing high weight products choose this packing.
  • Trible wall is the hardest material of corrugated paper, this kind of thickness seldom people choose it. Otherwise, the products that need to be packed are heavy or high in value and need the best one to pack.

The most common style is single wall corrugated paper, making corrugated mailer boxes popular with many people worldwide.

The type of flute

flute; packaging

There are five kinds of flute, wave lines different.

  • A-flute is the most common flute used to make mailer boxes, the distance between two waves is small, about 36 flutes per foot.
  • B-flute, this kind of flute usually is used to make bear boxes, which can hold larger weight keep products safe, about 49 flutes per foot.
  • C-flute is commonly used to use this kind flute to make corrugated inserts, which can be put inside of corrugated mailer box, and hold some high in value products, avoid product damage when during shipping, about 41 flutes per foot.
  • E-flute is one kind of micro corrugation. Usually, it can make food packaging, such as hamburgers, dessert, cake, about 91 flutes per foot.
  • F-flute, similar to E-flute, is one kind of thin corrugation, pack lightweight products, about 128flutes per foot.

Flute thickness

flute; packaging

There are many kinds of packaging made of corrugation in our daily life. We may notice the compressed visible flute at the edge of the boxes.

It is because different kinds of flutes have different thicknesses. There is an obvious difference between E-flute and B-flute that we can see.

The surface of the E-flute looks thin and dense, B-flute looks thicker. The different thicknesses by used to do different packing.

As we can see, corrugated mailer boxes usually do with E-flute thickness; the B-flute usually makes a corrugated box. For large size, is a good choice.

We choose the flute according to what you want and what products you have. For more details, please get in touch with us online!

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