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The Future of Digital Printing in Packaging Industry

The development prospect of digital printing

Based on the largest market research store, the Research and Markets, “The future of the digital printing packaging market looks promising with opportunities in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and household & cosmetic industries. The global digital printing packaging market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 14% from 2019 to 2024. The major drivers for this market are increasing demand for sustainable printing and growth in demand for flexible packaging.”

The competitive growth segmented on the packaging market size, packaging type, and printing technology. The increase in demand also includes its packaging format and the end-use industry.

The advantages of digital printing

According to Packaging News, “Benefits of digital printing include rapid set-up; minimal waste; reduced inventory; print on demand, increased speed to market… For the brand, owners wanting fewer SKUs in-store for less time, but wanting more variety in products and creativity, need agility. Digital print, by shortening speed-to-market times and allowing designers greater creative latitude, adds agility to the marketing equation. And importantly, it opens the door to deeper levels of consumer engagement through customization and personalization.”

Although it brings brands and customers closer, it does not always make economic sense. After all, it is only ideal for low-volume runs. It is easier to create samples using digital printing when it comes to custom package sampling. The purpose is that it requires a lower minimum quantity, unlike offset printing. Like William McDonough said, “To eliminate the concept of waste means to design things-products, packaging, and systems from the beginning on the understanding that waste does not exist.”

Our campany

In Packfancy, we offer digital printing for sample printing. Since the result is very similar to offset printing and only differs in its color due to different techniques used. We serve our customers with Excellency and offer offset printing if the customers need more sample print. I mean hundreds of samples, but digital printing is the way to go if fewer than that. It is costly and takes more time to develop than offset printing. Digital printing makes sense for short runs and where more changes or revisions in the artwork are required. We use a digital printing service to make it affordable for our customers when requesting fewer samples of prints to check design. This will also save cost and is suitable for piloting and test marketing of your product. Unlike offset technology, it doesn’t require the usage of plates. It is quick and more efficient as there is no need to change plates continually.

For more details regarding Digital Printing VS Offset printing, click this article on our website, “Printing Techniques.”

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