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Recycled Gift Paper Bags

  • Recycled Gift Paper Bags are very environmentally friendly, will not cause waste of resources, and can be recycled.
  • Any pattern you want can be printed on the paper bag.
  • You can also choose the handle material you want, rope, ribbon, chain, or others.
  • Choose whether the paper bag is covered with film according to your preferences and needs. If you choose to film, there are two types of film covering processes: dumb film and bright film.

Why choose PackFancy

PackFancy was established in March 2010, and its office address is located in Yiwu, known as the "commodity capital of the world." It covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters and has a standardized delivery room of nearly 20,000 square meters. Since its establishment, the company has made rapid progress, and its business has continued to grow. In 2021, it will achieve a total output value of 150 million yuan and employ nearly 100 people. We are a custom packaging manufacturer with almost 20 machines of various types and are highly recognized by the industry for our integrity, strength, and product quality. PackFancy is your trusted packaging partner and supplier.