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Custom Food Grade Paper Tube


Paper tube is a new, environmentally friendly, high-strength green packaging printing packaging.
The raw materials of paper tubes are extensive, and different plastics are not easy to dissolve, not as fragile as glass, not as heavy as metal, and easy to carry. In addition, paper tube packaging can recycle recycled paper or plant fertilizers, purifying the environment.

Product Form DxH

Product Overview


  • Application: Perfect for whole grains, spices, dried fruits, candies, medicinal herbs, scented tea, etc.
  • Advantages: lightweight safe and durable.

Additional Details

Order Estimate Lead time
  • Sample production time — about 5-7 normal days
  • Mass production time — about 10-12 normal days
  • Regular express shipping — about 9-12 normal days
  • Rush express shipping — about 5-8 normal days
Printing Option

Full-color printing, CMYK printing.

Minimum Quantity