Kraft Folding Boxes

MINI- Kraft Folding Boxes

MINI is a brand created by Isaac Monte, who is Fascinated by societal sustainability. He is interested in unusual, new materials and how he can manipulate those. He sees himself as a pioneer who, through combining technology, art, and science, shows how art can contribute to a strategy of sustainable development.

Since graduating in 2013, Isaac Monte has focused on understanding, controlling, and manipulating unusual materials. In projects such as Filter Factory (2013) and Leek Packaging (2017), he has explored the possibilities of using waste streams to create new opportunities. Since 2015 he has been combining waste streams such as overdue foods with new, promising technologies in synthetic biology. This resulted in projects like The Art of Deception and The Meat Project.

kraft folding box

Packfancy made Kraft shipping boxes for MINI one year ago; when Isaac found us via a platform, he inquired about the packaging suitable for shipping his products and eco-friendly. The box's design is simple kraft color with black printing in folding style to save space and make it easy to stock.

"Working with the Packfancy is one of the best things I do when I first contact the team, I share my idea about the packaging with them, they give me much help to adjust the details of boxes, to suitable my products well. As my products are related to a recyclable mind, I would also like the packaging made of Eco-friendly material. Finally, I chose the kraft paper material. It is perfect. Strongly suggest you make packaging with them."

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