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Aisha’s Accessories

Aisha, who owned this Aisha’s Accessories brand, has the passion for crafting and creating stuffs such as painting, jewellery making and decorating. She had an eye for creativity and a very devoted mother to her son. She established her IG account 8 years ago with an aim of sharing her talent and creations to her loved ones slowly gaining followers and becoming a creative entrepreneur. With the help of PackFancy, she had created the great customized seal stamp packaging boxes.

Handmade Crafts 

Her brand contains of paper crafts, wood burning, 3D printing projects and some stunning Ramadan & Eid DIY’s. You can check it in her shop; there are a lot of beautiful designs and creative decorations which is a best choice to buy as an exceptional gift to your friends or family.

However what I love the most is the wax seal stamp. This is my personal favourite since you can use it anywhere if you wanted it to be. It’s likely to be put in an envelope to seal it but you can also use it as a design somewhere else, like a seal design outside the box.

Aside from the mere fact that you can be creative in using this wax seal stamp, it’s simply an epitome of elegance. Even though it’s now out-dated, this is still adored by many due to timeless vibes and unique adorable sense of royalty. The seal stamp packaging boxes

also complement the product itself with its artistic style. Its simplicity gives an impression of transparency that proves the saying, “what you see is what you get”.

The packaging draws attention of something really fancy is inside the box. This is designed beautifully with bright gold letters. Though it limits the colour palette to create a compatible look, the colours correlate with the colours of the product for it to stand out. People would definitely be enthralled of its item and packaging.

Aisha’s Reveiw

“Thank you sooooo much for the PackFancy. Everything came nicely package and the printed logo is really nice. Thank you again for the fast shipping and great service I will always order from this company. Because of their service.
(USA, Aisha’s Accessories)

About the box

Category:Custom Rigid Box
Type:Custom Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon Tab
Material:1200gsm Duplex Chipboard
Logo Process:Hot stamping gold foil

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