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Custom Paper Ring Boxes

MUCHV without any doubt will make you feel excited and satisfied. Filling your day with their high quality collections of jewelleries specifically designed for every woman’s taste. Imposing exquisite pieces to drive customer satisfaction in everywhere in the world. At the same time ensuring the best product and services they could offer, you can never go wrong with their accessories. With the help of custom printed packaging, MUCHV was able to create beautiful rigid drawer boxes as ring packaging.

MUCHVetter with Us

An epitome of class and elegance, these jewelleries wrapped in a monochromatic minimalist design is never out of style.

MUCHV is a brand that focused on making an impact to each woman’s lifestyle by providing creative and timeless jewellery. Each accessory is assemble and fabricated in a careful manner to keep up with the competitive world of fashion. All throughout the process from the sketch of design, manufacturing to the delivery of item are thoroughly administrated to obtain a modern class piece to make every woman feel special and confident. MUCHV is committed in creating a brand that will surely sculpture your heart.

The accessories itself can make you feel cherished, on top of that, their signature boxes with simplistic yet authentic outline is styled in a drawer type of packaging, to impart its wondrous perspective to the receiver and to boost the all-time experience of purchasing MUCHV.

MUCHV’s Reveiw

“I received my boxes in great condition, everything was smooth and they helped me very much with creating the right boxes. We talked via WhatsApp and they always responded, it took about 3 weeks to produce and about another 3 to get here. Definitely will work with them later.

Paulina Mucha
(United Kingdom, MUCHV Jewelry)

Category:Custom Jewelry Box
Type: Rigid Drawer Jewelry Box
Material:1200gsm Duplex Chipboard
Small Box Size:5x5x3cm, LxWxH cm
Large Box Size:9x9x3cm, LxWxH cm
Box insert:1.5cm Black velevt sponge foam with cuts

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