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Senteur de caia

Beautiful fragrances help evoke and create memories. That’s why it can be fun to mix it up a little. So, whether you’re looking for your signature scent or a new “spice” for your fragrance shelf, we have the perfume for you! A pretty bottle of perfume makes a great gift, too!

Luxury Packaging Boxes for Perfume 

Our goal is to create high-quality products that our customers can afford. We pour our heart and soul into product development by listening to our customers and considering what’s missing in the market and our line of products. Each one of CAIA’s perfumes has been carefully created by our product development team to arrive at the scent we’ve defined, in a gorgeously designed bottle!
We want to offer a wide range of perfumes in a variety of scents that fit every mood, occasion, and hour of the day. We want the bottle to delight you every time you see it on your shelf or pluck it from your handbag. Our selection of vegan perfumes ranges from sweet to sensual, all of them aimed at boosting your self-confidence! We decide to make different style box for our different series of perfumes. So we found Packfancy on the website.
Packfancy produces the hard cardboard paper box, they choose the box color from Pantone C and according to my perfume. Such as the orange smell perfume we will choose the orange color, the peach smell we will choose a pink color. They help me a lot. The box size is fit my perfume perfectly. Box quality, box color, and foam inside are all amazing! I would like to order more quantity in Packfancy. They are a good brand. I will recommend my friends to purchase from them too. If you need a good quality package or a luxury design, they help you all the time.

About the box

Category:Custom Rigid Box
Box Style:Custom Full Cover Lid Rigid Box
Material: 1200gsm paperboard + +157gcoated paper
Dimensions:10x10x20cm, LxWxH cm
Logo Process:Hot stamping whited foil

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