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Fashion Lotus 

Fashion Lotus is a clothes brand created in Greece. In Ancient Greek times, the Lotus fruit was eaten, which gave those who ate the fruit a feeling of euphoria and a different way of understanding their existence. We hope our clients are unique, independent, kind, and confident.

Custom Holographic Shipping Box

My thoughts are influenced by calm and loudness. My garments range from elegant monochromes to vibrant color combinations that showcase a woman’s personality. So I add many other elements to my brand. For example, in the design of packaging and promotional cards, I pursue to be different.
Packfancy makes the holographic shipping box for my brand. I am looking for gorgeous and unique packaging; as a new brand, I do not have much budget; I hope to find a suitable packaging supplier for the new opening. Luckily Packfancy answered me quickly and recommended such a beautiful box for my brand. I am very satisfied with this packaging. This fits well with my design philosophy, I used these boxes as initial packaging, and they were very popular. So I decided to order more boxes with the logo on them.

At first, I was afraid to try this kind of packaging, but Packfancy recommended me a magnet folding box of the same color, the minimum order quantity is ten pieces, and gave me a free sample of the shipping box, which satisfies my demand for samples very well. I am very grateful to them. I received the goods within two weeks; the quality is very good, and the color and picture are also the same. If you need luxury packaging, I would recommend the magnet folding box; although the price is a bit high, it is worth the money. I ordered a lot of shipping boxes. They are all good quality and thick enough. Many of my customers shop online, and these boxes protect my products well, thank you, Packfancy. Hope they can get more orders.

About the box

Category:Custom mailer box
Box Style:Custom Standard Mailer Box
Material: Three layer E-flute Corrugated paper
Dimensions:25x20x7cm, LxWxH cm
Logo Process:Hot stamping gold foil

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