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Bantik Hijab

Custom hijab packaging boxes

Here’s to the brand, Bantik Hijab that offers a collection of beautiful hijab suited for every woman in any color. To think that they present smooth and high quality brand for their piece of cloth, what’s more how they invest in their packaging? With the help of custom printed packaging, Bantik was able to create hijab packaging boxes for their business.

Clothing for Muslim Women: Finally !

Every woman must be able to find what they need and what is suitable for her. Modest Fashion popped up. Mastour dress, Dubai-style abaya, kimono abaya, long opaque skirts to beautiful oriental dresses like in tales! 

In line with this, the brand offers worldwide shipment regardless of where you are in the world, because their products are perfectly secure with the best quality packaging boxes to ensure the best product experience. These are customized boxes utterly choose to paired up with the harmonious color of hijab clothing. Thoroughly design and simplified for everyone’s convenience.


“Some of us cover to protect our bodies and some of us cover to protect our souls. In both cases, respect their choices.” – Anjum Choudhary

Bantik brand symbolizes modesty, the accessory may come in varieties of fabrics and patterns, same thing as having a different level of beauty standard. But  with pride and conviction, they nailed it in showing off their own beauty with their product and their hijab packaging boxes.

Bantik’s Reveiw

“Boxes are good qualities. Even better than I expected.
Absolutely Packfancy is the BEST supplier that beats others on speed, quality and price.
We will order more packaging from them and remomend to our friends.
(France, Bantik Collection)

Category:Mailer box
Box style:Custom Standard Mailer Box
Material:Three layer E-flute Corrugated
Dimensions:28x26x7cm, LxWxH cm
Logo Process:Printing

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