Custom Kraft mailer box

kraft mailer box

Custom Kraft mailer box


Objet213 is a fashion jewelry store in Korea. 213 is a number filled with individual but universal tastes and various colors.

Based on Nostalgia in the 1990s, it is inspired by old movies and music and expresses sparkling emotions in various stories and objects. It's a total life brand.

Our story begins with "If the moment of emotion has color." Time + story + Nostalgia. Create objects for the 213 others in the world who share intimate tastes. Kraft Mailer box is fit our need.

Client: Objet213

Industry: Jewelry

Location: Korea

Category: Mailer Boxes

Type: Kraft mailer box

Product Packaging Concept

For jewelry, packaging ideas need to be environmentally friendly and appealing from a visual design standpoint.

Custom Kraft mailer box

There are all kinds of packages, such as plastic material boxes. However, plastic packaging is not environmentally friendly and will produce toxic gases when burned, so we mostly use gray boards instead of plastic packaging. The cardboard material package is recyclable.

Custom Kraft mailer box
  • Art concept

If your jewelry is in a light style, you can choose light colors as packaging to make your jewelry and packaging show off perfectly. Such as, the pearl earring with the pink or grey color package looks elegant. The application of the foil logo can increase the elegant aura of the box body, which looks dazzling and highlights the use-value of jewelry.

Custom Kraft mailer box
  • Production concept

Packaging should be selected according to the characteristics of the commodity, the use-value of the commodity, and the matching consumer groups.

The Reason why do we Choose the Kraft Mailer Box

  1. Easy to transport

    When we transport jewelry, encounter bumps, and other situations, jewelry is easy to damage. The outer packaging carton may also be subject to friction; if we choose the mailer box, it is sturdy and not prone to breaking. We can also put a set of jewelry in it because the capacity of the mailer box is large.

  2. Tool for promotion

    Using the mailer box is better than a plastic bag. We can use it for shipping and print the logo or advertise on it. Then more and more people will know our brand.

  1. light in weight

    Easy to handle, reduce breakage rate and reduce shipping costs. Protect product safety.

Customer Evaluation

When I had just begun my jewelry business, I used the paper card, pouch, and drawer box and didn't have the mailer box for shipping. When most of our clients received their package after shipping by sea or by air, they said the card and box were dirty, and something was broken. I don't believe that because I package them in the bag. But when I saw the photo, there were lots of broken. Maybe over the world, and the box is not solid for shipping. So I began to have a check at the other store. They all use the shipping box-mailer box for packaging them. I'm glad to buy the box to protect my jewelry and order from some package company. But the shipping fee is a little high, and I am a new business, so it's out of budget. But I find the Kraft mailer box is cheaper and also practical! I was glad about that, so I began to order the Kraft mailer box as my package. It's perfect, and the jewelry shipped out less damaged! If you have a jewelry store, skincare product, or perfume store, I recommend you to custom the Kraft mailer box for your brand.------Kim

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