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Caroline Ann Collection

Custom clothing packaging boxes

Caroline Ann. is a womenswear brand designed and owned by Caroline Ruder in Atlanta, Georgia.
Caroline desires to provide women with artful pieces for their wardrobe that feature an attention to drape, line, and color. With the help of custom printed packaging they were able to get the folding rigid boxes as their clothing packaging boxes.

Clothing for Muslim Women: Finally !

Every woman must be able to find what they need and what is suitable for her. Modest Fashion popped up. Mastour dress, Dubai-style abaya, kimono abaya, long opaque skirts to beautiful oriental dresses like in tales! 

Gifts that are guaranteed luxury. A fancy gift packaging is essential for luxury gifts and will increase its value immediately.

About the packaging, packfancy created drawer rigid box with grosgrain tab printed design for Scarf.

For packaging dress and large outfit, packfancy created folding rigid box with magnetic closure to package it.

Premium packaging boxes can leave unforgettable unboxing experience to your customers and it’s worth with you pay.

Caroline Ann’s Reveiw

“Gifts that are guaranteed luxury. Fancy packaging is essential for our luxury womenswear.
PackFancy has done an amazing job with luxury packaging boxes. Very professional and great to work with. Will definitely be working with her again and introducing them to our friends.”

(USA, Caroline)

Category:Custom Rigid Boxes
Box StyleCustom Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon Tab
Material:1200gsm paperboard
Box Size: 13x13x7cm, LxWxH cm
Category:Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes
Box Style:Custom Collapsible Magnetic Lid Rigid Boxes
Material:1200gsm paperboard
Small Box Size:37x24x9cm, LxWxH cm
Large Box Size:44x29x11cm, LxWxH cm

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