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Why Size Matter in Product Packaging?

two different sizes milk boxes stand side by side with a plant and a Pumpkin

Why a pizza with a circle size is boxed in a square? 

Do you ever get wonder why a pizza with a circle size is boxed in a square? Maybe once in a while, it crossed in some people’s minds. But the answer is just simple, for consumer convenience. Some businesses tried to do the box in the round shape, but the square one already marked what pizza is supposed to be in its packaging box to everyone’s perception. When it is released, putting the pizza in the round shape or using its same form would be difficult for the consumer to take it out. It’s more convenient to put it in a square box. At least there would be some space for sauce. Also, it is confirmed that it is more convenient and less costly to the business to create the box in squares since it is just a matter of cutting sheets. On the other hand, it is challenging to make a round box since it will take a lot of time and things to consider to perfect or standard an ideal round shape.

The impact of size

One cannot underestimate the impact of materials, brands, and especially the different packaging sizes. The compact of your packaging size tends to become more efficient in reducing waste, lower cost, and more accessible transportation from one depot to another. Right packaging size can make the product easier to store and use by the consumer. More importantly, consumers appreciate the right packaging size of their purchase. The businesses wouldn’t let their potential customers think that they are buying the brand more because of its packaging than the product itself. For example, do you imagine purchasing a ring packed in a rectangular shape with a lot of space? According to the research, it is shown that when the packaging is way too large for the contents, and there is a lot of space, customers perceive a deceitful act, and they feel cheated.


The point is, regardless of the product or industry where the packaging was going to be used, by all means, size always matters. Be it in the food, jewelry, or cosmetic sectors, all popular. Packaging size has a vital role in making your product stands out. This packaging attribute is being considered by many packaging experts in the packaging industry to produce a sustainable and flexible packaging box.

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