Top 6 Innovative Custom Jewelry Packaging Solutions with your logo

top 6 innovative custom jewelry packaging solutions with your logo

Now there are hundreds of thousands of jewelry brands in the world. The foremost common of the best-selling jewelry brands is that they have a unique design, whether it is their jewelry itself or packaging.
Since we worked for wholesale custom jewelry packaging for six years in China, we've found some trending that is the popular solution for jewelry packaging. We've put together our five favorites for you to have a look through and get some inspiration from.

  1. Lift-off/Detachable lid rigid boxes
  2. Drawer / Slide boxes
  3. Magnet rigid boxes
  4. Ribbon closure rigid boxes
  5. Combination #1, drawer boxes, jewelry pouches with pad holders
  6.  Combination #2, drawer boxes, jewelry pouches with jewelry cards

A great packaging is essential to your products, It will help stand out your products and increase its own values. Do not hesitate to contact us to get your custom jewelry packaging.

—— Peter Le, Packfancy Packaging Experts

1. Lift-off Lid Jewelry Box

Filled with sponge foam with jewelry cuts

The lift-off lid Jewelry box is also called a lid Jewelry box, a two-piece box. It is the most economical style for jewelry packaging boxes, made of hard rigid paperboard, accessible to handmade for workers. Most of its advantage is choosing a minimal depth for your Box, even 1.8cm outer height.

And it usually will fill with sponge foam inside, which comes with different jewelry cuts. Then you can put different kinds of jewelry inside.

jewelry box

2. Custom Drawer Jewelry packaging Box

Filled with sponge foam with jewelry cuts

The drawer box is also called the slider box. Now it has become the most popular style, perfect for jewelry packaging boxes gift packaging boxes. It leaves a great impression on your customers, the gifts you are receiving. It is also an affordable packaging choice, and you get the drawer boxes with small depth, no less than 2cm.

Filled with sponge foam with cuts, you can insert different kinds of jewelry inside.

Refer to Paula Jewelry

Custom Drawer Jewelry packaging BoxCustom Drawer Jewelry packaging Box

3. Ribbon/magnet closure rigid Box

Filled with sponge foam with jewelry cuts

If you want more luxury packaging style, Ribbon/magnet closure rigid box is an excellent choice for you, which is mainly used for premium product packaging. Due to the complicated manufacturing process, the price is a bit expensive, and we need the out height of the box more than 3cm.

Refer to


Magnet closure rigid Box

4. Jewelry Box + jewelry bag

Combination 1

Now there is a packaging trend that is spreading. More and more business owners prefer to custom creative packaging for products, which will increase their values immediately. For jewelry packaging, the combination of the drawer box and jewelry bag is a great choice.

Refer to LA JOLE Packaging. It is a drawer box and a suede pouch.

jewelry boxjewelry bag


5. Drawer Box + jewelry bag+ card + wrapping paper + Sticker

Combination 2

Not difficult to see, this is the most fantastic and lovely packaging for jewelry. Every packaging steps will bring your love to your customers. It includes the jewelry card, wrapping paper, and stickers than combination 1.

Of course, the cost will be higher a bit than combination 1. It’s worth more than what you pay.

Refer to

Drawer Box + jewelry bag+ card + wrapping paper + Sticker
For these jewelry packaging, they are all good for fully customized in size, logo and color. Do not hesitate to Contact us to get the range price or accurate offer for your own custom jewelry packaging.


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