Packaging and its Effect on Consumer's Behaviour

packaging effect consumer's behaviour

Packaging is an essential element in helping a customer decide whether to purchase a specific product or not. And its effect on consumer behavior depends on these variables: packaging color, background image, packaging material, Font style, design of wrapper, printed information, and innovation. (Global Journal of Management and Business Research, 2012, p.55)

According to StartupNation, “It has been estimated that 60-70% of buying decisions are made in the store. The consumer leaves home to get back with a product serving a definite purpose, but no tough decision has yet been made about the brand to go for. It could be anything. The final choice depends on a variety of factors. Some consumers go for the routine brand; some go for extensive research, and a big chunk of them go for impulse buying. On-spot decision making about choosing among alternatives is influenced by product perceptions (through the packaging design), knowledge about a brand, attitude towards brands, the consumer personality, lifestyle, culture, and other factors.”

On the other hand, packaging elements like color, images, typography, and brand name attract consumers’ attention to a particular product, enhance its appearance, and influence consumers’ perception of the brand. With the growing competition of different industries in the market, product packaging performs a vital role in directly communicating with consumers to influence their purchase decision.

Many businesses seek to maximize these elements and factors on consumers buying behavior. Thus, companies need to consider the underlying cultural differences when designing the product package. Since packaging has been a crucial factor in decision making. An attractive product packaging is always the preference to meet the customer’s satisfaction according to the consumer’s lifestyle and level of involvement in buying a product.

Consumer behavior towards your product triggers how they perceive your product. People are getting more demanding, and companies adapt to their level by providing enough information and delivering functions.

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