Jewelry Pouch: How to Choose the Right Material?

jewelry pouch material

The importance of jewelry always intensifies the power of women’s natural beauty. The jewelry pouch holds the standard of having a quality of style that offers an extreme level of comfort, convenience, and efficiency to customers upon opening up the item. These Jewelry pouches are polished smoothly to attract the attention of the customers.

At pack fancy, you can custom jewelry pouches with different materials,

  • Velvet fabric
    The most common fabric material was used for jewelry packaging and small gift bags.

velvet jewelry pouch

In recent years, the demand and scope of velvet jewelry pouches have increased. Velvet jewelry pouches are one of the environmentally friendly pouches and can be reused. It is mainly a kind of fiber fabric, the pouch's body is soft, and its primary material is polyamide fiber, nylon. After brushing, the surface is rich and fluffy cotton fabric.

The velvet jewelry pouch is lightweight and portable. The velvet is light in the material, and the sewed bag is soft in quality; it is flexible, convenient, compact, and delicate with a drawstring closing method.

The velvet material can withstand printing processes such as one-color printing or hot gold foil. Various l patterns and characters can be printed on the bag's surface to enrich the product's content and make the product's appearance fit the application.
  • Suede/microfiber
    Suede/microfiber is a high-end material used for jewelry envelope pouches. Most customers prefer to add an embossing logo on the suede envelope to emphasize the individual ownership of the product.
microfiber jewelry pouch

Microfiber leather is a kind of microfiber, the abbreviation of PU synthetic leather. Non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional network made of ultra-fine short fibers by carding and acupuncture and then processed by wet processing PU resin impregnation, dyeing, and finishing.

The microfiber skin is made of microfiber added to the PU polyurethane, so the microfiber skin has super wear resistance, air permeability, and good flexibility.

The microfiber we have is one kind of cloth that feels soft and tight. It is the most expensive material for a microfiber jewelry pouch. But still, many customers choose this kind of material since it looks more luxurious, and using it pack jewelry when the customer received it, they feel it as a gift.

  • PU leather
    Great material was used for drawstring bags. Customers often use it as bracelet bags, watches bags, and any jewelry for man due to its simplistic style.
pu leather jewelry pouch

When we shop for some leather products or pouches, it’s hard to know which is genuine leather and which is PU leather. PU leather is a kind of synthetic leather; it’s different from genuine leather. It has more color and pattern choices. PU leather will not fade in the sun, making it more durable. It is an artificial material that does not involve animals.

And for the jewelry package or other products, PU leather is a good choice for a different brand. Many of us are new businesses; genuine leather will be more expensive, and using PU leather is good for reducing costs.

And there are so many advantages of PU leather. PU doesn’t absorb water, making it easy to clean; PU leather can be made in various colors and styles. Unlike genuine leather, PU leather will not dry out over a long time. And it’s eco-friendly because it uses modest recourse to make it.

  • Flannel
    Soft fabric material leaves a weak impression. With primitive vibes, this pouch is never behind the times.
flannel jewelry pouch

The flannel jewelry pouch uses flannel as the main material. Flannel refers to the cotton fabric with rich fluff on the surface after brushing. Through the pinhole tufting process on the surface of the cloth, more fluff is produced, and the three-dimensional effect is strong.

The pouch with high gloss, soft and thick to the touch, is often used in the packaging of jewelry. The flannel fabric has good dyeability. After the loose fiber dyeing process, it can form many colors including light gray, medium gray, dark gray milk-white, light coffee, etc., with an excellent decorative effect.

  • Cotton Canvas
    Natural fabric offers ease of use for the customer’s experience.
canvas jewelry pouch

The canvas jewelry pouch is a kind of jewelry bag made from natural cotton; these materials are biodegradable, so compared to other jewelry, the cotton canvas is friendly to the environment.

It has a stylish appearance. The color of the jewelry pouch can be customized. You also can design the logo you want.

Recently, it has become increasingly popular among consumers in various countries. Many jewels are packed in cotton canvas jewelry pouches in the jewelry market.

  • Linen
     sustainable material made from flax fibers and leave a realistic retro impression.
linen jewelry pouch

Linen material has good absorbent, fast moisture conduction, and a relatively small diameter. Usually, the cloth woven from flax fiber is called flax fabric.

Linen is woven by twisting flax into threads. The surface is not as smooth as chemical fibers and cotton and has a vivid uneven texture. At the same time, besides synthetic fibers, linen is one of the strongest textiles.

Linen fabric has a natural pleating feel, with a laid-back feel. Its colors are pure, low-saturated, with a serene charm.

  • Satin fabric
    Popular satin fabric is a perfect bag used for hair extension.
satin jewelry pouch

The satin fabric has occupied a place in the recent fabric market with the advantages of lightness, suppleness, elasticity, comfort, and luster. Its raw material can be cotton, blended, polyester, or pure fiber, and polyester low-elasticity yarn is its primary raw material. The material has a good gloss and drape, a soft feel, and a silk-like effect.

Satin fabric properties:

    • The triangular section glossy yarn is used, which has a pleasing satin luster and gorgeous effect.
    • The colors are bright, rich, and beautiful.
    • Smooth and smooth, comfortable to wear.
    • Silk feel and elegant quality.
    • Particular yarn count, exceptional softness, and good tear resistance.
    • No shrinkage after washing, easy to use.
    • Adopt environmentally friendly dyeing and anti-static processing.
    • Organza bags
      Transparent and clean fabric, excellent used for jewelry packaging.
    Organza bags
    Organ yarn is a wooly monofilament prepared by processing nylon or polyester master yarn through elastic and false twisting, and then splitting it, also called Green yarn.

    The advantage of organza fabric is that it has a high-quality texture. The soft fabric makes clothes very light, and it is easy to create a fairy-like effect. Moreover, silk organza can prevent ultraviolet rays, absorb moisture, and is also very beneficial to the human body. 

    Jewelry pouches have a strategic role in a jewelry store. They are complementary accessories that add softness and elegance to any display, as a perfect accessory working with jewelry boxes—blending the elements of the material and style influences the customer’s potential purchase of the product since these pouches can still dominate the modern era due to the new approach to pouch design which is inclusive and far-reaching with confidence.

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