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How to Choose the Right Custom Packaging Boxes?

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According to Steve Jobs, founder of the famous multinational technology company Apple, “Packaging can be theater; it can create a story.” So in able to engage with your audience, aside from building your brand, you have to ensure first your custom packaging boxes in a way it will provide an imaginative point of difference to the consumer. Here are the four things to consider with your packaging boxes.


1. Custom Packaging Box Style

Do you ever experience purchasing something based entirely on its packaging without trying or using the product itself yet? Well, it happened sometimes. When you are rushing over time and can’t find the brand you are looking for, you will go with the same item but a different brand and pick up something with an attractive appearance. Ring a bell? Some people often don’t have time to look past the package and most often choose the product with a design that in some manner spoke to them. And yes, it’s all about the image and how you present your brand.

And at the same time, not all people are those who have lots on their plate while getting through tasks like shopping. They are people who are critics of the quality of the product. Although these are people who scrutinize the product throughout the packaging box, the first thing that their eyes lay on is the packaging style. You have to make sure that aside from its kind, the packaging is ergonomically designed to make it convenient for the customer and protect the product from damage.


2. Choose Right Materials for your Custom Packaging Box

What is your brand? What is the product that you wanted to offer to the world? Regardless of the outcome you have in your mind now, knowing the suitable materials for your packaging can secure and save some budget shortly. It’s the same in knowing the right supplier to deal with the packaging boxes for your brand.

Here are some examples of materials,

  • Cardboard box is a lightweight and cheaper price. This is perfect for packaging small products such as cake and cereal flakes. It can also use as a cosmetic box and retail box.
  • Corrugated box, this is durable and stylish. Best suited for subscription boxes and e-commerce packages.
  • This is a complex and expensive cardboard box but worth it in an extended period. This is perfect for jewelry boxes, rigid gift boxes, and luxury product boxes.


3. Custom Packaging Boxes Size Matter

Does size matter when it comes to packaging? You guess.

Packaging influences behavior like how a great packaging resonates to its customer, like an advertisement. Your packaging should complement its product, not only the color scheme design elements but mainly the size. Check first with your chosen supplier the product dimension. You wouldn’t want to introduce jewelry secured in a box with a length of a shoebox, then?


4. Packaging Boxes Design

Packaging design or ideas are the keys to an excellent packaging brand. Creativity starts with a simple idea until it leaves a good impression on people. Learn with the success of other packaging brands. Nevertheless, experience is the best teacher but ideas will let you grow. Benchmark with the leading packaging brand, put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, know that ideas are limitless, and take courage to start your unique packaging brand.

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