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How to Choose Brand Fonts for your Packaging?

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What are Brand Fonts, and how to rightfully choose one?

Have you ever chosen the wrong outfit and ended up disastrous? The same thing goes with picking a font that doesn’t match your brand. It can be a huge marketing problem. Just how crucial first impression is, choosing a poor font can completely negate the message you are trying to portray in your brand, leaving it ineffective to gather an audience.

Landor executive creative director Valerie Aurilio explains: “Design is about solving a problem, and one of the biggest problems these days is that consumers are inundated with information. People are looking to de-clutter, looking for simpler choices, and being overwhelmed by everything they see on shelves and online. It behooves brands to become easy to choose, easy to shop and simple pleasure.”

Even Mikael Cho, Founder/CEO of Unsplash, writes in his article “The science behind fonts (and how they make you feel)”: Because humans Design fonts, there is usually some meaning. You don’t want to choose a font that is easily associated with something in our culture that’s markedly different than the vibe you’re trying to give off.”

There might be several guidelines to check what fonts complement and which are not adequately. Nonetheless, it is all about making an impact.

  • Thorough Decision

Fonts may seem a minor issue, but it reflects what kind of brand you are offering. You might want to check what other competition is doing and carefully deliberate the fonts they used. It is a matter of gut feeling intended for your brand. However, there is no harm done in reviewing personality fonts with subtle.

  • Be Bold and Different

Taking chances and minimizing risk is what makes a brand survive. Be bold in a way consumers will take a peep of your product without any thoughts of taking it in the first place. Be different in that it will enchant the audience and buy the product.

  • Know your Ultimate Goal

Knowing and doing what resonates with your business and your audience is essential. Some brands may feature typical styles, but learning how to maintain and find what is complementary with the fonts to your brand and other attributes such as color and shape can be visible from a distance. The ultimate goal is to take your packaging brand fonts to the audience’s subconscious to make an impact.

Choosing the right font that balances your packaging attributes will give big payoffs to your brand. This will ensure that the message your brand wants to say to the consumer will surely deliver more accessible and more effectively.

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