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Hot Foil Stamping VS Spot UV

two hot gold stampings and two spot UV display

Have you ever wondered why some packaging looks shiny and always attracts customers’ attention? In addition to putting a lot of energy into the design of the pattern, position, and shape of the logo, another important reason for this effect is selecting a more suitable printing technology.

Some custom-designed projects, whether business cards, books, or some product packaging, in order to make the final effect meet expectations, tend to use Hot Foil Stamping and Spot UV. They are high-tech printing methods that can make the printed pattern look clearer and play a good role in protecting the product.

This is because they are not so much a form of printing as they are a layer of cold on the product’s surface to be printed. Combined with some suitable materials, these two technologies can make printed products achieve waterproof and impact effects. They can protect the product’s surface well, and their high hardness, corrosion resistance, and friction so that the product is not prone to scratches. In this article, I will explain both techniques in detail for you. 

Various Hot Stamping Samples

What are Hot Foil Stamping and Spot UV

Both Hot Foil Stamping and Spot UV are printing processing methods. Hot Foil Stamping is placing the gold foil on the position to be stamped and then heating and pressing the metal printing plate engraved with characters, patterns, and patterns; it has become one of the essential imprint methods.

With the rapid development of hot stamping foil and the packaging industry, the application of anodized aluminum hot stamping is becoming more and more extensive. Bronzed products have the characteristics of clear and beautiful patterns and bright colors.

Some influential brands often use this printing technique to create their unique packaging design to distinguish themselves from other brands. Leave a deep impression on consumers.

Spot UV, also referred to as Spot Varnish, is a method for coating printed products and was printed with ultraviolet drying and curing ink. Spot indicates the ability to apply this method on a specific area or part desired. This is also used for the decorative effect. At the same time, the “UV” stands for ultraviolet, referring to the light-curing varnish applied on the printed material.

Spot UV is also one of the most popular printing methods in the printing industry. It prints a layer of colorless and transparent coating on the surface of the print, forming a thin and uniform transparent and bright layer, which plays craftsmanship to enhance the smoothness of the surface of the carrier and protect the printing graphic. In order to achieve the best performance, the ultraviolet curing lights and photoresist ink will be effectively combined throughout the process. 

Various Colors of Hot Stamping Logo

The difference between Hot Foil Stamping and Spot UV

Since Hot Foil stamping takes heat and pressure to apply metallic foil to the product to create a shiny design, it can be applied on conventional paper packaging and other materials such as leather, silk, and plastic.

Coupled with hot foil stamping can bring an unparalleled clear effect, giving the product a high-grade texture and even feeling good to the touch. It will virtually increase the product’s added value and increase customers’ confidence in the brand.

Several different types of foil can be used to give different optical effects to the packaging, including Metallic Foil, Pigment Foil, and Holographic Foil. The most common Metallic Foil has Gold Foil Printing, Silver Foiling, and rose gold foil printing. They can all have a good appearance to add a metal style to the printing product, which is very suitable for some luxury packaging.

Pigment Foil is very similar to Metallic Foil but does not produce a metallic luster. In terms of color selection, it has done the best, and the patterns of various colors can be implemented with the help of Pigment Foil. Holographic Foil, these types of holographic foils create a sort of rainbow effect in 3D. We can see it in some promotional materials.

Spot UV is to print a layer of colorless transparent paint on the print, which will be protected and increase the gloss of the printed product after drying. Therefore, although the main material of Spot UV is ink containing photoresist agents, it isn’t easy to show a gold and silver gloss. But if the SPOT UV is combined with a matte surface, especially on the packaging, it will make the product easy to understand.

This is because the packaging designed in this way looks low-key and unconventional, which is very in line with the characteristics of minimalism and will bring many audiences who like this style. In addition, some potential customers will also have a good impression of these packages and be impressed.


As mentioned above, Hot Foil Stamping and Spot UV work well on business cards, invitation cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, cardstock, and even many brands will combine these two technologies together, producing an impressive effect that ups the luxury vibes of a product.

From stationery to packaging, you can remark that many designers have used hot foil stamping to make an expensive view of the product. These two technologies are always favored in the box’s design, especially in some jewelry packaging boxes, such as with lid boxes and drawer boxes.

With-lid boxes are usually used for precious packaging products such as rings, earrings, and bracelets. While these products have high prices, they are usually equipped with some special meanings. They could be a proposal ring, a birthday present, or a reward for ourselves. In any case, we need to pay attention to the box’s appearance. So, hot stamping is a good way; it can add a different color to the packaging and make the receiver feel valued by the exquisite packaging.

Some brands pay special attention to the effect of printing technology when choosing to package their products. And brands that use environmental protection as a selling point may take Spot UV to add highlights to their brand packaging.

This is not only because spot UV is an environmentally friendly technology but it can also have eye-catching effects in some elegant designs. Drawer boxes often use spot UV technology. As a common packaging box choice for major brands, drawer boxes work well with this technology.

PACKFANCY has been fruitful in the manufacturing of the box. We provide packaging customization services for all the needs of the brand. You can choose the appropriate size and printing technology for your packaging box or any logo, pattern, etc., you want to display on the packaging box. This technique provides an exceptional way of introducing yourself in a high-clarity artwork, making a lasting impression. The eye-catching varnish gives a smooth and tactile quality, the best way to promote your business in the market.

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