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Custom Boxes for Beauty Products

The client

BOZ jewelry is an influential brand of jewels in the United States. It has an independent designer specializing in design earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.

The designers focus on the unique style for each piece of jewelry.

Their slogan is: You are unique; there is only one in the world. BOZ jewelry has a specific market in the United States, and it is very popular among young people.

Client:   Laura

Industry:   Beauty

Location:  United States

Category:  Custom jewelry boxes

Type: Custom jewelry boxes


The packaging of the jewelry

They also have their own choices for jewelry packaging and cooperate with the packfancy company. Packfancy company is a factory that specializes in custom packaging bags and custom packaging boxes from China. They have specialized in this field for several years, with the strength of custom packaging, good quality, and pretty competitive price.

In their minds, They always try their best to let customers spend the least amount of money to buy the best packaging. Most of the materials they used were paper cards. These materials can be recycled; it is eco-friendly. They can customize the packaging according to customers’ needs. The color, size, logo of the packaging can all be customized.

Packfancy company worked with BOZ jewelry to provide jewelry boxes. The design of the custom box according to jewelry size to design the outer size and inside sponge. The BOQ jewelry has its regular logo printed on the box's surface. For logo printing, they always like hot stamping gold foil logos. Jewelry boxes with this logo make jewelry look more noble and valuable.

jewelry packagingjewelry packagingjewelry packaging

Customer evaluation

‘‘Packfancy company is our unique jewelry packaging boxes supplier. I have already ordered many times from them. The boxes l bought are perfect! The boxes were created perfectly with all the specifications I needed for my jewelry packaging! Packfancy company was very professional for jewelry packaging; They always took all my ideas on the boxes! I will continue buying from Packfany company! These boxes look INCREDIBLE! High quality, affordable, and ships out quickly & on time! Perfection .’’---Laura

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