An Overview of Printing Technologies of Custom Packaging

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What are the main printing technologies? -‘3W’:What is printing? And what are the differences between them?


What is printing technology?

The printing technology is to put the logo and pattern to the surface of paper, fabric, leather, and other materials through the processes of plate making, ink application, pressure, etc. There are many printing forms, like traditional offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, etc.



What are the main printing technologies?

There are many methods of printing, the six forms of printing technology: lithography (offset printing), flexographic printing, digital printing, screen printing, gravure printing, special printing, as follow:

  • Offset printing technologies

    Offset printing is a kind of lithographic printing, and it is also the most common printing method at present. It can restore the color of the manuscript with high precision and clearness. It is also the most widely used paper printing method at present. The posters, calendars, manuals, impurities, newspapers, packaging boxes, etc., we can see every day, are all using offset printing.

  • Flexographic printing technologies

    Flexographic printing, which is widely used in the printing of plastic bags, labels, etc. The main advantages are simple equipment structure, convenient operation, low cost, wide application range, and substrates. And all prints and substrates can use flexographic printing, especially the three-layer corrugated paper in the packaging box.

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing is a new printing method that directly prints computer files on paper, which is different from the cumbersome process of traditional printing. In packaging boxes, we often use digital printing for proofing, so there will be a big difference in the color of the printed box and the box produced on the machine. If you want to see the approximate effect of your customized box, please choose digital printing.

  • Screen printing

    It is one of the orifice printing technologies, and it is also a kind of printing with a wide range of applications. The banners, pennants, T-shirts, jewelry bags, etc., we see every day use the screen printing process. No printing method can match the flexibility of screen printing.

  • Gravure printing

    It is used for the printing of daring goods. The color effect produced by gravure printing can be compared to a camera. The printing effect is obvious, but it is relatively expensive for plate making. This is an important factor for its wide application.

  • Special printing

    Special printing is used for a product that needs to be printed with special equipment and special skills. Glass containers and tube printing that we have seen every day use unique printing methods.



Why do you need to know some knowledge about printing?

Printing technology is an indispensable part of packaging boxes production, making your ideal design show up in your eyes. Since there are many printing technologies, knowing some knowledge about printing will help buyers better show their demands when they purchase goods. It can also avoid some communication barriers; the most important is that it can ultimately help us provide the best quality service to you.


Do you want to know more about the printing? Or do you want to see some samples of the box and pouches which use those printing technology? Please contact me! My email: I will always be here, only waiting for you!

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