A Comprehensive Guide to Measuring Boxes

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If you want to customize a packing box, the size of it must be confirmed. The size of packaging is always an important issue. But when measuring the size of the box, there is often a common mistake that people only measure the outer side of the box. Obviously, this measurement method is inaccurate and will bring many hidden dangers. Your product may not fit in the box it was intended for. Problems like I don't know what size is suitable or how I should determine the size, etc., are very common too. Don't worry. Here, we will talk about how to measure a box's dimensions. 


Dimensions of the box could also be divided into interior and exterior. They both have an impact on how to choose the packaging. The interior dimension decides whether it is suitable for the product you will put inside. The exterior extent will affect the way you ship it. A packaging box with an unfit size will cause you a lot of trouble. 

For the general square packaging box 

box dimension

Take a box, for instance; dimension usually refers to the three primary measurements of the box Length, Width, and Height. These data determine whether the product can be put into the box smoothly. If the measured data is wrong, the resulting box will not fit the product, or the box is too large to wrap the product well. The whole package is useless. What part of the box does the length, width, and height of the box refer to?

Length: The longest side when looking at the top of the box.

Width: The shorter side when looking at the top of the box.

Depth (Height): The side perpendicular to the length and width.

The length is always the longest side of a box with a flap. The width also has a flap, but this side is shorter than the length. Depth relates to the area between the top and bottom fractions that create the height of the box. 

For paper tube 

paper tube dimension

There is a special kind of packaging box, which is cylindrical, called paper tube packaging. This packaging box is measured differently from the traditional packaging mentioned above. Because the bottom of this kind of packaging box is round, the most important data to measure the size of paper tube packaging is the diameter of the round bottom. After getting the diameter of the round bottom, use the formula to calculate its area. Usually, this step of the calculation is done by the box manufacturer. In addition to the diameter of the circular bottom, another very important data is the height of the paper tube packaging. These two data determine the product size the paper tube packaging can pack.


First of all, and most importantly, the packaging box will only play its role when the size of the packaging box matches the product. Always remember that all packaging serves the product. Generally speaking, the box size depends on the product's size. In other words, do not leave too much useless space. We all know different packaging box sizes also mean that the materials used to make them are also inconsistent, which involves the issue of cost. Obviously, oversized boxes mean that more packaging materials will be used. The increase in the cost of packaging materials means an increase in the product's price, which will eventually be paid for by the consumer. Especially for E-commerce product packaging, a small cost will significantly influence your business. The waste of box space and material cost is often considered over-packaging. Usually, when the logistics company calculates the shipping cost, in addition to the weight, it will also consider the size of the box. An oversized box is not cost-effective when calculating the shipping cost and will burden our costs. We usually use a ruler or measuring tape for more accurate box dimensions.

The larger the box size, the more storage space it will take up. Oversized boxes will waste the overall storage cost of the product. The practical design of the size of the product packaging design is an essential part of the box design process; the size of the fit is not suitable, not only for the transportation and storage process, to bring inconvenience the situation.


box dimension

In order to meet the needs of different product packaging, many types of packaging boxes come, and even the thickness of the cardboard varies. Different packaging boxes have different cardboard thicknesses, which makes manufacturers have to choose the appropriate type of packaging before measuring the packaging size according to the shape of their products to avoid damage during transportation.

When it comes to choosing a packaging type, it might be a challenge for you if you are not familiar with the whole process. I’ll list some of them below.

Mailer boxes are mainly used to pack some goods that are not too large and easy to transport. It is made of corrugated paper. Some brands prefer to take corrugated cardboard with a relatively harder texture to make packaging boxes due to the heavy weight of the product. However, in order to play a good cushioning effect on the packaged items during transportation, in addition to the conventional three-layer fiberboard structure, the corrugated paper will also combine different flutes together, which can not only meet highly specific packaging needs but also make the packaging more Strong and durable. At the same time, the box's walls will be thickened accordingly. Customizing corrugated aircraft cartons has many advantages, such as compression resistance, recyclability, drop resistance, relatively strong impact resistance, and solid stability. It is widely used in the outer packaging of electronic instruments, jewelry, clothing, handicrafts, electronic products, daily necessities, and other products.

Rigid boxes the biggest feature of this kind of packaging box is that it is more exquisite and can improve the grade of the product. The regular rigid box is made of a 1200g-1400g paper board. In addition, compared to ordinary cardboard boxes, rigid boxes are much stronger, can withstand more wear and tear during transportation, and will not break like other boxes. Here is another reason why rigid boxes are widely used. This kind of box has a greater pulling force on the printed ink, which is very convenient for brands to express their beautiful designs to consumers and attract their attention.

If all types of packaging boxes do not meet your needs, you can initiate a consultation with PACKFANCY. We are a company specializing in custom gift box packaging. You can always consult us about any questions about gift box customization.

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