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6 Inspiring Design Ideas for Jewelry Packaging

Why is the packaging of jewelry so important?

For any product, the importance of packaging is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first one is the natural function of the packaging, which we can say is the biological role of the packaging itself. Packaging is initially used to protect the product from damage. Some expensive and fragile jewelry items such as jade, jadeite, and gemstone jewelry must be covered by higher protective packaging. Another important role of packaging is its social function, that is, to attract consumers.

1. Increase attractiveness, promote sales

Before purchasing a product, consumers will go through three processes: cognition, emotional reaction, and intentional decision before deciding whether to buy the product. The process of commodity cognition includes four stages: attention, interest, association, and desire. This means how to catch consumers' attention is very important. But how? The answer is the packaging.

According to DuPont's survey, about 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging of a product, which is the famous DuPont's Law. It can be very straightforward to say that when you buy jewelry, whether the packaging can attract your attention, then to a large extent also determines whether you will buy it. A good beginning is half done, and therefore the importance of packaging is transparent.

2. Demonstrate brand value

We know that the general packaging will contain many designs, such as logos, which often carry the cultural concept. Through packaging, a producer can convey the most helpful product information to users and make the brand image deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers. When the product is not much differentiated, the brand is the value-added product. Consumers are still willing to pay more to buy it through brand comparison, which is the brand's value in the packaging.

3. Meet consumer's psychological needs and increase their desire to buy

Jewelry is usually used for gifts or collections as a high-end consumer good. Consumers don't overly concern about the jewelry itself when purchasing jewelry; more people are concerned about the feelings of the gift recipient. Through the packaging, consumers can recognize that jewelry has ornamental value and collection value, so the role of packaging is more important.

How to choose a jewelry packaging solution?

In the choice of packaging, first, we can still follow the principle of packaging functionality. A good selection of packaging materials can play a protective role and play a role in transportation, storage, packing, etc. Secondly, the quality of packaging materials is closely related to the product. The more materials are consistent with the characteristics of jewelry, the more they can meet the needs of jewelry packaging. Jewelry features include size, shape, material, and craft. The following are some commonly used materials and packaging styles.

1. Rigid Cardboard Packaging Box

The primary materials of paper packaging are white or grey cardboard, which are pollution-free, easy to process, and have high strength. It is also suitable for various packaging with printing, laminating, and other processing processes. As packaging boxes made of these materials have a smaller volume, the transportation cost is lower relatively.

  • Lift-off Lid Box:

A lift-off lid box is also called Box with a lid. A base and a lid foam a unique and beautiful jewelry boxes. It will bring you a sense of surprise and mystery. It is the most economical style for jewelry packaging boxes, made of stiff, rigid cardboard. It's easy to handmade for workers. The height of the Box should be no less than 1.8cm. There is filled with sponge foam with jewelry cuts inside.

  • Drawer box: 

It has an exterior box and an interior drawer. The drawer box is also called the slider box. It has become one of the most perfect for jewelry packaging boxes gift packaging boxes. It leaves a great impression on your customers, the gifts you are receiving. The height of the Box should be no less than 2cm. Inside filled with sponge foam with cuts, you can put different kinds of jewelry. The colors of different parts of the Box can be very diverse from each other. You can have your logo or printing here on the top of the box.

  • Rigid Magnet Box:

One of the most prominent features is that it has a magnet closure, and it will improve the integrity of the whole packaging.

  • Rigid Ribbon Box:

This kind of Box is closed with ribbon, with a soft sponge or foam inside as an insert, which can well protect the jewelry. If you want a more luxurious packaging style, the rigid ribbon jewelry box is an excellent choice for you, mainly for premium product packaging. The Box height should be more than 3cm with a 1.5cm insert.

2. Card Paper Packaging Box

Compared to jewelry packaging boxes made of cardboard, card paper boxes have lower cost, foldability, and portability, which can help save a lot in shipping. However, it is not quite solid and hard.

  • Card paper drawer box: 

Card paper box usually is foldable. They are shipped flat, so you need to assemble them into boxes by yourselves.


  • Reticule paper bags:

This bag is not used most of the time individually. You can collocate it with a jewelry bag.

  • Jewelry cards: 

Jewelry card is the most standard and straightforward packaging. It also has a wide application for rings, earrings, and necklaces.

3. Jewelry pouch

There are a lot of packaging materials, such as flannelette, super fiber, canvas, velvet, and so on. These materials can be designed into various jewelry bags with softness, delicateness, durability, and ease of carrying. The combination of the jewelry box and jewelry bag or even with the card is the best choice for jewelry packaging.

  • Suede jewelry pouch:

Suede is good material with durability, easy to process, natural and high strength. There will be no pollution during production. You can choose any color to design your jewelry pouch.

  • Velvet jewelry pouch: 

Velvet is quite soft and light, and it's suitable to be printed with silk-screen printing, gold foil, silver foil, etc. In the aspect of design, drawstring and button closure styles are the most popular.

  • Canvas jewelry pouch:

Canva is entirely environmental, which is also the most prominent feature. Drawstring style is popular among customers.

How to design your jewelry packaging?

  • Suitability


Firstly, it is necessary to ensure that the jewelry products can be placed perfectly in the packaging, which we say is suitable. Since it is to design jewelry boxes, it is vital to combine the characteristics of jewelry, such as volume, shape, material, style, style, brand story, and other factors to reference the design. Packaging designed according to the characteristics and features of goods can better reflect the unity and integrity of consumers.

  • Harmony

Packaging with a unique way of publicity quietly into consumers becomes the first step to realizing the value of a brand. The design style of the package should be consistent and in harmony with the brand concept. If your brand stands for elegant and straightforward, it's not appropriate to design a package that is too complex to build brand value. When the packaging design perfectly reflects the brand value, product quality, can more effectively play the brand effect.

  • Addressing the Audience

It would be best always to have audience awareness during the design process. You need to have a clear understanding of your products' target customers and know who you are designing the packaging for. Men usually like designs that can reveal a calm atmosphere of charm, warm and sedate style. On the other hand, pink and cheerful creations are more popular for young women. Stand in the customer's point of view, choose the right color and element design for different groups of products, to show the unique personality and temperament.

  • Catch what consumers desire

The psychological test of commodity packaging for consumers shows that beauty and ugliness, elegance and vulgarity, attention and repulsion, these psychological emotions are not only different between men and women but also between countries, regions, and individuals. Therefore, as designers, we must understand the market, study, and analyze consumers' psychology. Only in this way can we accurately explore the rules of packaging design and consumer psychological activities to improve the effect of packaging design. Here are some common consumer psychologies:

  • Color psychology

In some fields like designing skincare packaging, designers pay attention to the color of packaging first. Many brands have their "special color" when consumers think of the brand when they see it. It is the same in jewelry packaging; consumers usually pay attention to packaging colors, like gold, which is the symbol of precious. Red means energy and vitality; White represents purity and divinity.

  • Material psychology:

The choice of materials is crucial for the packaging design of jewelry products, affecting consumers' cognition and evaluation of outcomes. People instinctively associate specific attributes with particular features, such as quality, elegance, freshness, and loveliness.

  • Psychology of seeking new:

Consumers pursue novel and fashionable commodity packaging as the primary purpose. This kind of consumer is common around young people with good economic conditions. They love something that is trend-setting vigorous, and outside factors easily influence them. Usually, they pay more attention to decoration, color, style when choosing and buying goods. Instead, they ignore a product that is practical and expensive or not. Those attracted by the fashion and novelty of commodity packaging will have higher purchase motivation.

  • Realistic psychology

Consumer's primary purpose of purchasing one product is to pursue the practical use value, such as commodity and material benefit. They pay attention to the quality of goods. Realistic consumers choose and buy economic and practical interests, durable, cheap, and fine. Mainly those are authenticity. Consumer behavior is relatively stable and not easily influenced by outside factors. If the packaging is designed clearly to demonstrate the trademark, ingredient, metering, price of a commodity, instructions, the consumers will be clear briefly through the comparison with other similar products and choose to buy them because they are more practical and affordable than others.

Awareness of sustainable Development

At present, going green and environmental protection have become a common concern of people worldwide. In the sustainable development strategy, green packaging is popular and has become a new proposition actively advocated by the packaging industry. Only those packaging items that meet the environmental requirements and are harmless to people, and less polluting to the environment are the best choice. Jewelry is one of the highest packaging consumption industries. When designing packaging, you must consider if the materials are environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, designing jewelry packaging is not a simple thing. A lot of factors should be taken into consideration. Aesthetic, functional, practical are indispensable, but the final service users of packaging are people and customers. The humanized design concept makes the packaging of modern products more scientific, rationalized, and humanized. It includes the contents of humane design, personalized design, and human culture design. What customers need is packaging with the creation of affinity and vitality.

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