4 inspiring design ideas for Jewelry Pouches

jewelry pouch

Jewelry pouches are an excellent option for packing small and light products. The primary purpose of jewelry pouch is to pack jewels but now make big size pouches, can also pack any other products, which are large but light.

What are jewelry pouches?

Jewelry pouches are one kind of packaging which is made of cloth, it can be done different material, style, and size, also can custom logo on it.

Functional Idea

Jewelry pouches are the go-to choice for those handmade jewelry brands as they can use the small bag to pack their jewelry. When they send jewelry to their customer, the bag can protect the jewelry and make their customer happy because of the beautiful pouch bag.

Material Idea

We have PU leather, suede fiber, velvet, canvas, and satin material; for packing jewelry, most customers choose the suede fiber and velvet pouch, which feels soft and lightweight.

Usually, for large sizes, PU leather and canvas satin material can hold large products and cost less.

Style Idea

We can do envelop style, button style, drawstring style, envelope with strings style,


  1. Envelop style: This is a simple flap cover of the pouch; some customers who like a simple thing can use this kind of pouch to pack.
  2. Button style: Short cover of the pouch with silver, gold, black, and cloth button; sometimes, customers think with the button will be safer for jewelry.
  3. Drawstring style: No cover, but on the top of the pouch with strings, for large products, using drawstring style pouch can keep the outer shape looks tidy.
  4. Envelop pouch with string: Long cover on the pouch and with strings on the bottom side; it can be tied like a bow, can protect jewelry, and looks beautiful.

Choose which style depends on your hobby.

Design Idea

A well-designed jewelry pouch can help enhance your purchase interest; when your customers receive the jewelry with a beautiful pouch outside, they will expect to see the jewelry inside. Then the design of the pouch plays a vital role in your business.

The pouch design is divided into two parts, color and logo. Color of pouch we have many kinds; even if you still don’t have the color you want, we can custom color the pouch.

Logo on pouch, we can do one color print and deboss. For suede fiber, most of the time, customers choose do debossed logo; the logo effective depends on the color of the pouch, for velvet, PU leather, satin, and canvas material, printing gold, silver, rose gold, black, white, etc.Choose which you love best.


Above all, we introduce pouch, material, style, and design. We want to show more info to all the people who visit our website and hopefully help you get the package you wish to without any fault!

Also, for more questions, please get in touch with us!

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