4 Design Inspirations for Custom Jewelry Boxes


If you are a jeweler, I believe that you don't need to say more, you must also know the importance of jewelry packaging. Good packaging is like a gifted orator, telling your customers the value of your product and convincing these elegant ladies that they deserve these star-studded embellishments.

But how to make good packaging? This touches on a word with infinite possibilities: design. The human imagination is as boundless as the universe. If you feel clueless right now, maybe you just need some inspirational tips; let us help you open the door to your imagination.

Keep it Pure

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This is a design idea that can hardly go wrong, no need for extra patterns and lines, pick a color that matches the product and let it cover your entire packaging. Color is the talking genie that resonates emotionally with your customers. Remember a word, don't believe that everyone has their favorite color, it's just because they haven't met your packaging color. Of course, don't forget to add your brand's unique logo, if you want people to remember you, always remember to hand out your business card, which is your brand logo. So, it's as simple as that, a color with a brand logo, and a simple yet classy package at your fingertips.

Extra Decoration

custom jewelry box

This is a very broad design idea, and I thought I could give an example to illustrate it. Jewelry is often given as a gift to a mother, lover, or friend. Do you want to have a deeper meaning? Express your emotions in a way that doesn't require any words, there is a master who can do it for you - flowers. Maybe you want to review the language of flowers again: tulip, the flower of friendship that symbolizes friendship, tells your friends that you want your friendship to last forever; sunflower, the flower of hope that symbolizes love, whispers to your lover, "My I only see you." Carnation, don't forget the greatest maternal love in the world, let your mother know your love and gratitude for her. Handcrafted flowers that never wilt make it perfect for decorating your box. Let your customers know that no matter who they want to send the jewelry to, your product is the right choice.

Get Creative

custom jewlery box

Regarding the appearance of the packaging, I think the above two ideas have already been explained. Let's focus on the way the box is opened. According to the opening method, there are three kinds of conventional jewelry box packaging on the market, drawer box, lid and base box, and ribbon closure. Maybe we can get creative with them. Instead of opening and closing up and down, it is better to try opening and closing left and right, like the box in the picture above, is it refreshing? Keep thinking, you can do better.

A Series

custom jewlery box

Have you noticed that those high-end luxury products usually have a series of products? Why not try this idea on the packaging? But when I say "a series" here, I mean "a complete package", which means don't just provide a box, add an extra jewelry bag on the inside of the box, and add an extra paper bag on the outside of the box, maybe add a card of inside the paper bag. You just need to keep all of them: jewelry bags, boxes, cards, and paper bags in the same style. Imagine if such "a series" gives a very fancy feeling. What's even more gratifying is that you can buy such a "one series" at PackFancy one-stop; we will provide you with everything you need at one time, convenient and fast.

Even better, you don't have to worry about waste caused by overpackaging; these jewelry bags, cardboard boxes, and paper bags provided by packfancy are environmentally friendly and reusable. Just picture this scene your customers use these paper bags to keep some little thing and carry them out, a sophisticated look with your brand logo; it's a walking advertisement! What a surprise, free marketing.

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