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3 Inspiring Design Ideas For Jewelry Packaging Box

Jewelry is shine because of its dazzling appearance, be loved by the public and become a trend to show identity or express individuality. Jewelry packaging box can help many jewelers build their brand and play a good branding effect. It’s not only to develop the jewelry brand , but also meet consumer needs. With the package to protect the jewelry, we are easy to find it when we end the sport or after we taking a shower. For a gift to friend or family , jewelry packaging also creates a sense of mystery for the jewelry.


What are Jewelry Packaging Boxes?

  • the package needs to express the charm of the jewelry.
  • With the package, it’s convenient for us to carry the jewelry anywhere.
  • The jewelry package must have a unique appearance, fashion design and improve the shopping desire of consumers.
  • Most of the jewelry needs to be made of eco-friendly material. It’s good for our health and the environment.
  • A good jewelry package can expand brand influence and establish a good brand image.

Jewelry Package Box Design

1. Drawer Box(Slide Out Box): This kind of box is open like a drawer. It can be different colors between the out and inside. Add the logo of your brand and choose the different color satin ribbon. Custom the foam inside to let your jewelry looks neat and beautiful.

Drawer Box(Slide Out Box) Drawer Box(Slide Out Box)

2. Box with Lid: This kind of box is made of lid and bottom, different open way from the drawer box. It’s more favorable in price and also good quality.

Box with Lid Box with Lid

3. Magnetic box: This design box is more heavier and luxurious than the other box. With the magnet and can add different colors of sponge foam to display the pearl.

Magnetic box Magnetic box

Jewelry Package Box material(All are eco-friendly)

  • Cardboard is the common material we use.
    Cardboard Cardboard

  • There are lots of texture paper or art paper to make the different designs of the box. Make your package unique.
    texture paper or art paper texture paper or art paper

Jewelry Package Box Style

  • Colorful box: Have the package for your brand, You can choose the luxury color style or the simple color. It always shows the style of the jewelry.

      Colorful box

  • Logo design: Your logo can show the same or different style with the box color and jewelry tone. Printed the color you like even print the pattern on it. Foil logo, SpotUV logo, or engrave the logo are good choices.

     Logo design Logo design

  • Different style foam: Foam inside of the box is also plays an important role in displaying the jewelry. Tissue paper, satin, or sponge foam. The foam shape will be changed to the box shape.

    Different style foam Different style foam Different style foam


All of these boxes are made of paper cardboard, eco-friendly and economical.

You can choose the color you like from Pantone C, there is over 500 color.

And lots of color logos or special printed logos and texture paper.

Choose the sponge foam, satin foam, or suede foam that most fits your jewelry!

To have a unique design for your jewelry package, Welcome to contact us.

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