Looking for customized box inserts for your packaging business?

The inserts of the box are a commonly used tool to protect items. In addition to the outer packaging of gifts, there will be packaging inserts to fix the items inside, preventing shaking, avoiding some collision scratches, or avoiding damage to fragile items. The inserts of the packaging box also pursue aesthetics. According to different products, inserts of different materials will be required. These will be provided differently according to the characteristics of the product.

  • foam inserts

    Foam Inserts

    A foam insert is lightweight and flexible. It is an environmentally friendly material and has a good water resistance. It has an excellent shockproof effect and has a good protection function for the product.

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  • paper inserts

    Custom Paper Inserts

    Paper inserts, which are environmentally friendly and recyclable, are a commonly used lining that is easy to load and unload, anti-buffering, and can effectively reduce product loss.

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  • Watch Pillow Inserts

    Watch Pillow Inserts

    The pillow jacket is flocked to increase the softness of the touch. Putting jewelry and other items on it will give people a more advanced feeling. Suitable for high-end jewelry, watches, etc.

  • Jewelry Insert Pad

    Jewelry Insert Pad

    It is very suitable for jewelry inserts. It can be designed with different cuts according to various jewelry—beautiful appearance and high-end.

  • customer evaluation

    Molly Dougherty

    I put together my assorted homemade cookies, and they line up like a fancy box of sweets. With different shapes and flavors from my cookies, the box inserts help me a lot! Love them! I cannot wait to let my families see it! With the help of PackFancy, my dessert shop packaging is more beautiful; thank you so much!

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    I use these box inserts to separate the different bottles; I sell red wine. These dividing lines help prevent collisions between the bottles; my product was in good condition during shipping; I am very satisfied with this purchase!

Custom Box Inserts Today!

All materials are environmentally friendly
Customize the inserts of any box, whether it is a jewelry box, a rigid box, or a mailer box
Box inserts of any design can be customized according to product needs
Various colors and materials are available

Custom Box Inserts FAQs

What kind of material of insert we can choose?

Common ones are Sponge foam, paper inserts, EVA inserts, and small pillows; if you need inserts of other materials, you can contact us to customize them.

How to custom the suitable insert?

We recommend that you customize the box's inserts according to the product. For example, products such as jewelry can use sponge inserts, accessories such as watches can also choose small pillows, and products such as cosmetics can pick paper inserts or EVA inserts.

How long does the custom insert take?

Usually 12-15 working days produce.

What the cost of them?

Prices vary according to the size and design of the inserts; you can contact us for a corresponding quote.

What is MOQ?

Normally 500pcs up to custom.

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